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Investors in Pupils


Investors in Pupils

‘Investors in Pupils’ was launched to the whole school on Monday 5 January. Our focus from January to June 2015 will be on Year 8. Roll out of ‘Investors in Pupils’ to other Year groups forms part of our three year action plan.

On Monday 5 January 2015 all Year 8 Form Groups will have:

  • An Investors in Pupils display
  • Have contributed to the shared ‘Investors in Pupils’ display on the shared Year 8 noticeboard.
  • Have a class mission statement.
  • Have a class target that focuses on one or all of the following:

       - LEARNING

       - BEHAVIOUR

       - ATTENDANCE (including punctuality)


       - INDUCTION

  • Have individual personal targets.

The Investors in Pupils programme provides a unique pupil participation framework, for all schools and education settings nationally. Investors in Pupils is a simple concept that builds on the principles of Investors in People, to empower all pupils, increase motivation and contribute to raising achievement across the Key Stages.

The programme offers schools a framework for involving pupils in descision making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, school management, classroom management and induction.

It is powerful in devloping a positive ethos where pupils learn about how the school is run, and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school. Pupils commit to common goals and teamwork together with each other and with staff.