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Healthy Lifestyle


To encourage pupils to make healthy food choices within school, St. Mary’s operates a Healthy Eating Rewards Scheme whereby pupils can accumulate points for their healthy eating efforts in both Cafe Bordeaux and Cafe Pierre. These points can then be exchanged for a ‘top-up’ on dinner cards and points will also be recognised through the ‘Pastoral House System’. Spot checks by SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group) representatives on pupils lunchboxes contents also enables those pupils who eat apacked lunch to gain ‘House point merits’ throughout the School academic Year.

Click on the links below for information on leading a healthy lifestyle:

Item Healthy Eating Points
Breakfast Meal Deal  6
Cereal / Porridge  6
Fresh Fruit Salad 6
Apple, Orange, Banana 4
Cereal Bar 2
Toast 2
Yoghurt 2
Smoothie  4
Still Water (Large) 2
Milk Carton (1 Pint) 2
Milk Carton (1/3 Pint)  1
Pure Orange Juice 1
Cold Lunches 
Open Sandwich (Chicken or Prawn) 6
Salad with Meat 6
Salad without Meat  6
Wrap (Salad and Mayo) 4
Chicken / Ham Salad Sandwich  4
Chicken Sandwich  2
Chicken and Bacon Sandwich  2
Egg and Onion Sandwich  2
Tuna and Onion Sandwich  2
Wrap (Any Chicken Mix) 2
Hot Lunches
Pupil Meal of the Day  6
Meal Deal -  Soup and Salad Wrap  6
Pupil Meal of the Day (with dessert) 4
Irish Stew 4
Vegetables  4
Baked Potato  4
Soup, Roll, Butter 4
Creamed Potato / Champ 2
Roast Potatoes 2
Toasted Sandwich  2
Panini Half 2
Wrap (Any Chicken Mix)  2
Side Salad 2
Fresh Fruit Salad 6
Melon Wedge / Pineapple 2
Yoghurt 4