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Rewarding Behaviour

The table below provides details of how many points are attached to a range of examples of notable achievement or behaviour that is worthy of praise or recognition.

Participation in Club / Society / Team / Event Loyalty to the School Participation in Evening / Weekend School Event
Participation in Sports Day Event Kindness / Consideration Towards Others
Excellent Conduct / Helpful  Mannerly Behaviour
Homework / Classwork Exceptionally Good  Environmentally Friendly
Excellent Test Result Outstanding Charitable Contribution
Coursework / CA Exceptionally Good Uniform Good
Prefect Duties Completed Significant Academic Progress
  Participation in Local / National Competition
Involvement in Fundraising Activities
  Involvement in School Choir
Participation in Inter-House Competition
Sporting Achievement
Displaying Honesty / Integrity
Excellent Monthly Punctuality
Consistent Excellence in Work and Behaviour
Consistent Improvement in Work and Behaviour
Excellent Monthly Attendance (100 %)
Excellent Monthly Behaviour Profile
Ambassador for St. Mary’s
Healthy Eating
Inter-House Competition Success