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BPW Public Speaking Competition

Posted on 07th February 2020 | News

Congratulations to Year 12 pupils - Shea Heaney, Holly Dougan and Nayana Chauhan - who were awarded 1st Place at the Northern Ireland final of the prestigious BPW Public Speaking Competition.

 In his capacity as speaker, Shea articulately expressed his views on the current political situation in Hong Kong and examined the response of Western governments to the ongoing conflict. Holly Dougan was awarded ‘Best Chairperson’ for her articulate control of the meeting, as well as her eloquent expression.  We were also delighted that Nayana Chauhan was awarded ‘Best Expresser of Thanks’ for her analysis and summative comments at the meeting.  The team, under the guidance of Miss Cumiskey, will now progress to the UK National Final for the first time in the school’s history. We wish them the very best of luck!