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Primary Partnerships

We place great importance on the development of links with our valued primary school partners.

St. Mary’s has a large number of feeder primary schools and we draw our pupils from a wide catchment area encompassing three counties - Derry, Tyrone and Antrim. We, therefore, have a large number of feeder primary schools and place great importance on the development of links with these valued partners.

Each year, as part of our Community Outreach Programme, we work in partnership with a number of primary schools on a range of projects and initiatives. For some projects, we are pleased to welcome pupils and staff from primary schools to St. Mary’s. For other projects, St. Mary’s pupils and staff are delighted to visit primary schools.

As a school, we are most willing to share our resources and facilities with our primary school partners.


The Biology Department has established strong links with feeder primary schools. In May and June of each year, Primary 6 pupils are invited to attend a Biodiversity Day in St. Mary’s during which they engage in activities such as a hedgerow study and pond life identification task. Pupils also have an opportunity to design and create a leaflet on one species observed during these activities.


The Physical Education Department enjoys links with a range of feeder primary schools and delivers an annual programme of activities for primary school pupils.  Senior PE students undertake leadership and coaching training to equip them to contribute to the delivery of the programme.

The annual Top Link Festival affords our feeder primary schools the opportunity to participate in a coaching/blitz event. Senior students lead the coaching session and officiate at the event.

Each year, St. Mary’s facilitates coaching for primary schools in a range of sports, including Rugby, Handball, Tennis and Badminton.

In 2013, the Physical Education Department introduced the Gaelic Coaching Programme. Through this, members of staff from the Physical Education Department visit primary schools to deliver a six week coaching programme focusing on Gaelic sports.


The Modern Foreign Languages Department has developed links with a number of primary schools. Each year, GCSE and A Level students visit local primary schools to deliver lessons with a focus on nurturing the interest of primary pupils in languages, including French, Spanish, German and Irish. The Modern Foreign Languages Department also assists local schools with preparations for and celebration of European Day of Languages.