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Post-Primary Partnerships

St. Mary's actively promotes partnerships with local post-primary schools.


St. Mary’s Grammar School plays a key role in the Magherafelt Rural Learning Partnership (MRLP). 

The Magherafelt Rural Learning Partnership was established in 2007. It provides a full microcosm of the post-primary sector of Northern Ireland: it includes controlled, grant maintained, integrated, maintained and voluntary grammar, both denominational and non-denominational; only Irish Medium and single sex education are not represented.

The schools within the Magherafelt Rural Learning Partnership are:

  • St. Mary’s Grammar School
  • St. Patrick's College
  • Magherafelt High School
  • Rainey Endowed School
  • St. Pius X College
  • St. Colm's High School
  • St Conor's College
  • Sperrin Integrated College
  • Kilronan School

Each school is co-educational, varying in size, type and history. These schools and Northern Regional College also have a long-standing history of working together, both in terms of curricular provision and the continuing professional development of staff.

The MRLP vision for the future of our schools and the purpose behind them can be summarised as follows:

  • Education is central to our future;
  • Partnership will look to build community cohesion by ensuring equality of opportunity through the removal of barriers to participation in education and seeking to minimise variation in outcome through the provision of relevant and appropriate curriculae.