Sunday Times Secondary School of the Year 2023

St. Mary's Grammar School

Student Leadership

At St. Mary’s we are fully committed to furthering the leadership skills of our young people.

Pupils have many opportunities to become leaders during their time at the school and are encouraged to become Senior Prefects in Year 13 to exercise these skills. To be considered for the Senior Team in Year 14, pupils must have been a Senior Prefect during Year 13.



Senior Prefects are vital to the smooth running of the school and assist in a number of ways.

Prefect Roles include:

  • Café Bordeaux Prefect

  • Departmental Prefect

  • Public Events Prefect

  • Pastoral Prefect

  • Pupil Support Prefect

  • Extra-Curricular Prefect


The Student Leadership Team comprises of 28 Year 14 students and fulfils a variety of important roles:

Head Boy & Head Girl

Deputy Head Boys & Deputy Head Girls

Heads of Anti-Bullying

Heads of Ethos

Heads of Inclusion

Heads of Mental Health

Heads of Wellbeing

Heads of Year 8

Heads of Year 9

Heads of Year 10

Heads of Year 11 

Pupils are nominated for these roles by their peers and teaching staff and are selected following an interview process. These pupils lead various initiatives within the school, act as role models for other pupils, and represent the school and student body at events both inside and outside the school. Each day, the Student Leadership Team provides a pupil support service to younger students at break time in the O’Kane building.

The Student Leadership Team promote and embody the ethos of St. Mary’s Grammar School and make a valuable contribution to school life.


 Our Student Council, with elected representatives from each Year Group, provides a forum for pupils to share their opinions on a range of issues.

The student council provides pupils with an opportunity to become more involved in school life and enables pupils to become more active participants in decision-making processes in school.

We invite and take account of the views of the pupil body by conducting a biennial audit of pupils' views on aspects of school provision, issuing regular surveys to pupils on their experience of learning and holding regular meetings with Pupil Focus Groups.