Sunday Times Secondary School of the Year 2023

St. Mary's Grammar School

Year 8 Enterprise Day

The Year 13 Mini Enterprise Company, guided by Mr McCauley, planned and facilitated a Year 8 Enterprise Day on 9 January 2024.  Year 8 pupils developed their skills in team work, time management, decision making and problem solving.  Ultimately, making them more independent in their learning; tying in with the school’s Learning & Teaching Focus this year, which is to build Independent Learners.  This day was the culmination of a series of Year 8 Study Skills Workshops led by Sixth Form pupils throughout Term 1 to help develop and build the skills needed for Independent Learning from a pupil to pupil perspective. We are extremely proud of all our pupils.  The Sixth Form pupils, who were role models, and the Year 8s, whose creativity and practical common sense is admirable.  Well done to all involved, especially our class winners!