Sunday Times Secondary School of the Year 2023

St. Mary's Grammar School

St. Mary's students excel in GCSE Examinations

The new Principal of St. Mary’s Grammar School, Magherafelt has praised the achievement of its pupils in the 2022 GCSE examinations. Mr Paul McClean reported that 99.4% of pupils achieved A* - C grades in at least 7 subjects, including English and Mathematics.  Notably, 71.7% of all grades awarded were A* - A and 99.7% of all grades were A* - C.

Applauding the pupils’ success, Mr McClean commented: “The grades achieved by St. Mary’s pupils are simply outstanding and are testament to their focused efforts in preparing for controlled assessment tasks and examinations in a variety of subjects.  I commend the pupils for their application to study and their determination to succeed, which is so clearly evident in the impressive grade profiles that so many of them now possess.  Such strong academic portfolios provide the passport for these young people to pursue their chosen A Level pathway and continue on their journey towards third level education and the realisation of future career aspirations.  St. Mary’s offers such breadth in terms of the range of courses available to students and ensures that young people, and their parents and carers, have access to sound careers information, advice and guidance to assist them in selecting the most suitable programme of study to ensure their continued success at Post-16 and beyond.  

I am pleased to welcome this group of students back to St. Mary’s and I look forward to working with them, their parents and carers, and school staff to provide a positive, enriching and productive Sixth Form experience.  It is to the credit of these pupils, as well as their teachers and families, that they have attained such excellent results despite the disruptions they experienced during Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 due to the public health situation, reflecting high levels of resilience and motivation which will stand them in good stead as they move forward.  I offer my thanks to the staff of the school, as well as our Board of Governors, for their unwavering commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for pupils and navigating a route to success during a most challenging and uncertain period.  I also wish to thank parents and carers for the support they have provided to their children and the confidence and trust they placed in the school and its staff to nurture and fulfil the potential of pupils.  As Mr Frank Dunlop retires from St. Mary’s, I wish to acknowledge the significance of his leadership in relation to the high achievement of this group of young people.  His focus on sustaining and enhancing the academic excellence of the school is clearly reflected in the remarkable success of the 2022 cohort.”


Con Campbell, Rory Devlin, Donall Keenan, Aoife O’Donnell, Sarah Quigley, Eva Quinn,  Caoilinn Walsh


Leah Brewster, Barney Cassidy, Kyan Cassidy, Caoimhe Ferris, Niamh Harkin, Conall Higgins, Grainne Kinoulty, Grace McGahon, Emer McNicholl, Enda Mullan, Naomhan O’Neill


Charley Curley, Ciaran Diamond, Fiona Keenan, Aisling McAuley, Serena O’Doherty, Orlaith O’Neill


Eabha Bradley, Neva Chauhan, Nula Diamond, Sean Diamond, Leo Gribbin, Sarah Heron, James Lumber, Michaela Jane McDonnell, Tomas McElroy, John McGurk


Erynn Kearney, Ronan McCallion, Roise McCloy, Ellie McVey, Cormac Mulvenna, Nicole O’Doherty


Sean Comer, Zoe McAllister, Ben McLarnon, Emma McNally,Niamh O’Donnell, Lauren O’Neill, Michael Scullion


Darragh Casey, Sarah Donnelly, Georgia Lavelle, Thomas McBrien, Chloe McGarry, James McKenna, Eoin McLernon, Christopher Mulholland, Tilly Walker


Joe Diamond (3A*), Sarah Doyle (2A*) Aoife Kelly (3A*), Sarah O’Neill (3A*), Aaron Convery (2A*), Michael Cullen (2A*), Anna Lavery (1A*), Louise Likeman (1A*), Sinead Sweeney


Rachel McCormack (6A*), Tom McGale (4A*), Jacob Horak (3A*), Sophie Leung (3A*), Eve McGuckin (3A*), Cathair McMullan (3A*), Pearse O’Neill (3A*), Ellen Bradley (2A*), Elijah Cases  (2A*),  Frances Creighan (2A*), Sarah Likeman (3A*), Hannah McEldowney (2A*), Katie Watson (2A*), Sharon Jomon (1A*),  Erin Loughran (1A*), Hannah Magee (1A*), Adam McErlain (1A*), Jasmine McFall (1A*), Faolan McNicholl (1A*), Adam McQuitty (1A*)


Jack Harney (4A*), Sophie Lynn (3A*), Paul McNally (3A*), Malachy McCusker (2A*),  Fintan Close (1A*), Ben Doherty (1A*), Patryk Machnik (1A*), Keevah McGuigan (1A*), Aliyah Doherty, James Mallon,


Karl Campbell (2A*), Jimmy Doyle (1A*), Shea McGeehan (1A*), Keilah O’Kane (1A*), Aine Campbell, Patrick Cuskeran, Amy Kearney, Aaron McCann, Daniel McCann, Segdae McErlean, Natalie McKenna


Aoife McCann (1A*), Connie McLarnon (1A*), Seannagh McLarnon (1A*), Eoin Osborne (1A*), Erin O’Neill (1A*), Aimee Herbison, Eoin McTaggart