Sunday Times Secondary School of the Year 2023

St. Mary's Grammar School

{SECTION_MENU}St. Mary's pupils achieve 100% success!!

St. Mary's pupils achieve 100% success!!

Pupils from St. Mary’s Grammar School, once again, produced a stunning set of GCSE outcomes as the long-awaited white envelopes were opened on Thursday morning.

100% of pupils passed every subject they took at GCSE level, with 90% of young people achieving only A*-B grades. The outstanding quality of these grades re-enforces the school’s status as one of the top achieving schools in the country. Coupled with the tremendous ‘A’-Level results that pupils achieved the previous week, there is an air of celebration and success as the school community begin the new academic year together.

The Principal of St. Mary’s, Mr Paul McClean, was full of praise for the pupils and staff at the school as they celebrated the success of the young people.

“For many years, St. Mary’s Grammar School has been recognised as a centre of high achievement, expectation, and support. That said, this cohort of young people continue to push the boundaries and have obtained a stunning set of results.

On the pupils’ behalf, I would like to pay a great tribute to all of our staff in school, who go way beyond the call of duty in their support for young people. These results are celebrated today but, just like our ‘A’-Level results, it is the many hours of late night planning, marking and preparing lessons that have ensured the young people have the best chance to reach their full potential.

These GCSE results are the outcomes of five years of hard work, not to mention the support and dedication of their primary school teachers before that, and in that time our staff have provided academic, pastoral, emotional and social support to the young people, allowing them to flourish.

Many of the children have overcome personal challenges and have proven time and again that they are willing to have high expectations of themselves, and of what they can achieve, and they have demonstrated the ability to rise to any challenges they faced.

The pupil academic outcomes are the focus of today’s celebration, however it is the wide and varied experiences the young people can enjoy in St. Mary’s, that help shape them as young adults, making their way towards further study and careers. I want to thank the young people for the character they have shown and the life they bring to the school, and also to thank their parents for their support as we work together to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.”