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St. Mary's Grammar School


In this section, we will post pertinent information for upcoming external examinations.

Statement of Entry

A Statement of Entry document confirms the examinations that a pupil is to be entered for.  It will contain a pupil’s name, date of birth, candidate number, ULN and UCI, as well as a list of the pupil’s subjects and component code.

It is the pupils responsibility to carefully check the accuracy of the Statement of Entry given to them by the Examinations Officer. Should any problems be identified, pupils must notify the Examinations Officer immediately.  

Examination Timetable

When your exams are confirmed, you will then be issued with an ‘official’ examination timetable. This will detail the dates, times and duration of your exams.

Resolving Clashes

If a pupil has ‘two or more examinations in a session listed at the same time’, the Examinations Officer will discuss options to resolve this in line with JCQ guidelines.

Information for Candidates

JCQ upload

If you have any questions in relation to examinations, please discuss these with the Examinations Officer.

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GCE Examinations 2023 - 2024 Notice to Candidates

Information for Candidates Social Media

Exam Boards



The timetables for Summer 2024 CCEA GCE and GCSE Examinations can be accessed using the following links:

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