Sunday Times Secondary School of the Year 2023

St. Mary's Grammar School

Care and Welfare

Teaching and teaching support staff strive to ensure the safety, welfare and happiness of young people in a secure, caring and supportive learning environment.  

Pupils are valued as individuals and the school is committed to ensuring that all pupils fulfil their potential by nurturing and developing their abilities and talents.

In St. Mary’s, we endeavour to address the specific needs of individual pupils. As a listening school, we welcome information from parents/guardians regarding any issue or difficulty that may present a barrier to a pupil’s learning or progress.  Our pupils are also encouraged to discuss any matters of concern they may have with a member of staff. In response, we will implement strategies to support our pupils and to enable them to overcome barriers to learning. Where necessary, we will liaise with relevant external agencies to ensure that our pupils receive the support they need.

In St. Mary’s, we believe that the quality of care and support provided for our students contributes significantly to the positive ethos of our school. Pupils recognise and appreciate the care and support available to them. The provision fosters good relations between staff and pupils, and promotes the values of respect, responsibility and co-operation among pupils. Such an environment is conducive to effective learning and teaching, hence enhancing outcomes for all pupils.


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