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Rewarding Behaviour


Incidents of positive behaviour are recorded on the School’s Information Management System (SIMS). If you do something that is worthy of praise or recognition, points will be added to your Behaviour Profile. The table below provides details of how many points are attached to a range of examples of positive behaviour.

Participation in Club / Society / Team / Event Loyalty to the School Participation in Evening / Weekend School Event
Participation in Sports Day Event Kindness / Consideration Towards Others
Excellent Conduct / Helpful  Mannerly Behaviour
Homework / Classwork Exceptionally Good  Environmentally Friendly
Excellent Test Result Outstanding Charitable Contribution
Coursework / CA Exceptionally Good Uniform Good
Prefect Duties Completed Significant Academic Progress
  Participation in Local / National Competition
Involvement in Fundraising Activities
  Involvement in School Choir
Participation in Inter-House Competition
Sporting Achievement
Displaying Honesty / Integrity
Excellent Monthly Punctuality
Consistent Excellence in Work and Behaviour
Consistent Improvement in Work and Behaviour
Excellent Monthly Attendance (100 %)
Excellent Monthly Behaviour Profile
Ambassador for St. Mary’s
Healthy Eating
Inter-House Competition Success