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Mo Shaol Do Shaol

Posted on 15th November 2021 | News

Year 10 student, Aoife Convery, has recently risen to stardom taking part in TG4’s Television Series ‘Mo Shaol Do Shaol.’ Aoife is a very prestigious rock climber and for the show she had to swap her hobby with another girl, Caislín, who enjoys playing handball. The show required Aoife not only to develop her sporting skills by trying out a new sport but she was also able to do it completely through the medium of Irish. Maith thú féin, a Aoife!

Link to the episode: https://www.tg4.ie/en/player/play/?pid=6279820201001&title=Mo%20Shaol%20Do%20Shaol&series=Mo%20Shaol%20Do%20Shaol&genre=Cula4&pcode=608744