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Business Partnerships

In St. Mary’s, we have developed effective working partnerships with a range of businesses and organisations in the local, regional, national and global context.

These partnerships enrich the educational experience of our pupils in many ways and contribute to the development of their employability skills. As a school, we value the support and involvement of business partners in our work and recognise the important role these partners play in inspiring and raising the aspirations of our pupils. Many departments across the school have developed partnerships and links with businesses and organisations relevant to the subject area. 

Through business partnerships, St. Mary’s and its pupils benefit from: 

  • access to increased resources; 
  • financial support / sponsorship for school activities; 
  • workshop opportunities; 
  • presentations and demonstrations;
  • industrial visits; 
  • enterprise and entrepreneurship projects; 
  • interview advice and guidance; and 

  • work placement opportunities.